Lutz Family

Biography of Alan Lutz 1951 - ?

This is me in 2007 winning a blue ribbon at the Orange Woman's Club flower show for my succulent bowl.

I entered the same thing in 2008 an only got a red ribbon for it.

See the "About" Page for bio. I might change this page to something else


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  • The early years - Life on the Farm - Near Berryton Kansas, which is near Topeka Kansas
  • The next stage of my life - El Segundo, CA - 7th grade through college   
  • Stage 3 - First teaching job, house, and career in Pasadena, CA   
  • Second teaching position - Van Nuys, CA - also second house, and then getting married   
  • Married life begins October 1979, Alan marries Nina Anderson, briefly live in apartment then my 3rd house, first one with Nina in Sylmar
  • Finish 10 more years together teaching 5th grade at First Lutheran, Van Nuys. Also includes the birth of our son, Ryan in 1984
  • 3rd School: 1996 move from Van Nuys to Oxnard. Teach 5th grade for 7 years at St. John's Lutheran in Oxnard. Live on Rhonda St.
  • 1996: leave and move to Orange. rent for 3 years then buy our first orange county house on River Trail.
  • 2005: Buy house on Yosemite so Nina's mother, Lou Anderson can move in with us.